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What are Smart Homes ?

Smart Homes are your Ultimate Solution to your ultimate problem!

Smart Home Technology is a technology that allows you to control the climate control, entertainment systems, lighting, electric blinds, and security from a single device. Here at Ultimate Solutions we are able to develop completely customizable technology that allows you to control any or all of your home comfort needs from a singular control panel, or application on your phone. We do this by equipping your home with special structured wiring to enable the communication and integration of services and technologies; allowing automatic or remote control, monitor, and access of your home.

choosing the right technology will improve your life style

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Control your home climate from an easy to use app on your cell phone anywhere and at anytime.
Experience automatic A/C shut/off in case of fire.
Automatic energy saving mode for your climate control system if no movement is detected in your home or apartment.
Receive alerts to your phone if your home temperature goes above or below preset points.

Control the lighting in your home from an easy to use app on your cell phone anywhere and at anytime.
Preset modes for your lighting and let your home suit your mood in one simple step.
Dim light fixtures you could never dim before.
Control each individual light from anywhere in your home.

Control your room curtains from anywhere and at anytime.
Program curtains to open and close at a specific time.
Program curtains and conserve your home energy.
Integrate curtain control with mood settings

Control water temperature from anywhere and at anytime.
Receive notices in case of water leakage or A/C drip tray malfunction.

Domestic Appliances
Enjoy smart cooking and cleaning solutions.
Receive maintenance alert messages from your home appliances.

Control any or all of your home comfort needs from a single control panel.

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Manage and secure your home environment from an easy to use application.
Program lights to turn off and on at specific times.
Experience automatic message alert when motion is detected.
Experience automatic light switch-off when motion is detected/undetected.
Receive alert messages in case of any malfunction in appliances.
View visitors from any IP device connected to the network.

Home Entertainment

Have total control of your entire CD and DVD, Blu-ray, digital library, HD and Media Streaming.
Enjoy hi-fi audio/ video sources, independently or simultaneously, anywhere in your home.
Eliminate the need for more than one DVD, radio, or CD player in every room.
Eliminate the need for visible wires and ugly black boxes in your home.
With one simple step, start all equipment in your home theatre and adjust your home climate.
Enjoy innovative, discreet, and easy-to-use devices.
Enjoy built-in speakers in all rooms throughout your home.
Replace all remote controls with one smart controller.

technology that allows you to control the entertainment systems, lighting, electric blinds, and security from a single device.

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About us

About the Owner​:

When Jana Malhas was in middle school she fell in love with San Diego after visiting from Amman, Jordan, where she was born and raised. She decided to attend SDSU because of the excellent reputation of its business program in the United States. “It is customary in our family that one goes abroad for college to experience life independently and return after gaining the experience and personality development.”

While at SDSU, she was involved with the International Student Center by organizing and preparing events that focused on enlightening students’ perspective of the world’s diverse cultures, values, and traditions. One project she worked on established and operated a virtual company where she applied academic knowledge to issues faced in the real corporate world. During the project, she had the opportunity to meet some of the top business leaders from Europe and the United States. “The project helped me to improve my leadership skills, teamwork and sense of responsibility.”

Jana graduated from SDSU in 2004 with honors and distinction in BS in Information and Decision Systems, Summa Cum Laude (3.95 GPA). “This special day gave me a great sense of accomplishment. All the hard work had paid off. I felt so confident and proud of myself and I shared it with my family, friends, and professors.”

After graduating she moved to Montreal, Canada to learn French because she wanted to add another language to her English and Arabic background. Four months after moving to Canada, she packed up and headed to the diverse city of Dubai, UAE, the world’s newest business hub.

Malhas was employed by Le Reve, the most luxurious housing development in Dubai. Le Reve is an automated residential quarters designed by world renowned architects and designers. Soon after she was promoted to the position of IT Project Manager (Home Automation and Entertainment Specialist), she began traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East to demonstrate the company’s unique project and to learn new technologies through seminars and exhibitions.

In recent years, Dubai’s economy has been booming and the city has created great business opportunities to visionary individuals. She found a good market to apply the knowledge and experience she had gained from SDSU to an interesting city that welcomes new ideas and opens paths to new innovations.

In January 2007, she started a company called Ultimate Solutions LLC specializing in home automation and entertainment solutions in Dubai. “I realized that being a successful young woman in a male dominated profession gave me a competitive advantage. Customers appreciated and enjoyed dealing with someone who is professional, easy to communicate with, detail oriented, and delivers what is promised.”


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Nominated in 2008 for “Winner for KNX Award 2008” in Germany Light & Building
Best Newcomer of the Year 2015 from Mobotix Germany


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“Ultimate Solutions and the team epitomize a true spirit of partnership in every regard. From the process of defining user requirements to implementation to ongoing servicing of product solution they have never left our side.”

“Ultimate Solutions has been an extended arm/partner to Le Reve since the tower was launched back in 2006. Ultimate Solutions are professional, efficient and extremely accountable for the work they do and I feel confident knowing that the tower is in safe hands. Thank you for all your hard work.”

“As a luxury residential real estate developer, our customers always expect the latest and the best of everything. We trust Ultimate Solutions to provide us with the best advice and quality work in all our developments.”

What our Clients say

  • In recent years, Dubai’s economy has been booming and the city has created great business opportunities to visionary individuals

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+971 4 4224399

Customer Service, P.O.Box 282544, Dubai - UAE

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