• Control your home temperature from an easy to use application.
  • Receive alerts if your home temperature goes above or below preset points.
  • Undergo automatic A/C shut-off in case of fire.
  • Switch to automatic energy saving mode if nomovement is detected.Lighting.


  • Manage your room lights from your phone.
  • Preset modes for your lighting and let yourhome suit your mood in one simple step.
  • Dim light fixtures to suit your mood.
  • Program lights to turn on and off at specifictimes.


  • Integrate your room curtains with mood settings.
  • Program curtains to open and close at a specific time.
  • Preset curtains and achieve better efficiency through energy conservation.


  • Regulate water temperature.
  • Receive notifications in the case of water leakage or A/C drip tray malfunction.

Home Appliances

  • Enjoy smart cooking and cleaning solutions.
  • Receive maintenance alert messages from your home appliances.